Students in Professor Sinha Roy's Communication Arts Media Consumption seminar were challenged to tell a personal story through their attachment to or connection with a cultural object. They learned about human interactions with media, and how meaning is created in the process. As storytellers, they were challenged to approach these connections from the other side: creating the story to uncover the meaning. 

Will Andres

My name is Will, but most people call me Dewey. I prefer a cup of coffee in the morning to wake me up and a beer at night to put me to sleep. Sporadic adventures and crazy ideas pretty much explain the rest. 

Hayley Diemer

Passionate about global issues and people, Hayley sees life as a spiritual quest to set things right. She believes that words matter because all communication is action.

Lindsay McParlane

Lindsay is a Communication Arts major, and she's glad her embarrassing tattoo decision was able to inspire a great story.

Shu Yi Tang

Multicultural and multilingual, the world is sometimes complicated. But when the going gets tough, Shu Yi knows everything can be resolved with ice cream! 

Shu was a TA for Fall 2016's

COMRT 120 Shared Lives projects!

Sarah Young

A world traveling, ballet dancing, sweet tea loving girl, who only wants to change the world.

Sarah was a TA for this class' project! You can watch her stellar first story from Fall 2016 here.

Bree Blair

Bree is a junior Communication Arts Major and Psychology minor. She loves friends, positivity, and selling you things you don’t need.

Amanda Fox

Creative, funny, and intrigued by the myths immortalized by great brands, Amanda wants to join advertising and become a brand storyteller.

Grace Connolly

Hi, I'm Grace! I'm a Communication Arts major and a History minor. I love stories, music, and dessert.

Tyler McLaughlin

Tyler wears his loyalty on his T-shirt, literally. Always one to see the glass as half-full, Tyler loves being part of a story.

Jai Redkar

There's a lot going on behind that cheerful grin. If you sit and talk with Jai, you will be surprised to discover a philosopher in the making, who's learned to appreciate the small things because of life's sudden turns.

Emma Weissenfels

Emma likes collecting views of the sky, special nooks to sit in, and the small moments through which our lives grow inch by inch.

Isaiah Speights

A military child with a restless mind and a love for video games, Isaiah loves a good story. With a Major in Communication Arts and double minor in Art History and Political Science, Isaiah appreciates seeing things from different points-of-view.

Christina Yodis

A people lover and a great listener, Christina knows how to get folks to open up and share their lives with her.

Xiaoyu Zhu

An international student from China, Xiaoyu enriched our lives by sharing her culture and making us question our assumptions.