Students in Professor Sinha Roy's Communication Arts Media Studies class, mostly first- and second-years, were challenged to interview someone in the campus community they did not already know. They learned to foster a deep connection with a stranger to uncover a personal story, and then to use their communication skills to amplify the person's voice as a storyteller.

This is a story about Daiquan Day and the day he became comfortable with who he is.

This story is an introspective anecdote that was inspired by a road trip with some friends.

This story is one about how Math Professor James Hollerman and his love for theater helped him see the world in a . whole new way.

A shot put thrower tries to wash her shot put in her mother's sink -- but disaster strikes!

One young woman's mind, thirty one miles, and thirty one people all come together in a story of how she learned more about herself by running.

What would you do if someone told you you'd be headed almost 2500 miles from home in eight hours to be part of a King's delegation?  If you're Natali S., that question might not sound so far-fetched.  Learn about her trip from Jordan to France and the part she played in history in The King and I.

How the majesty of the galaxy impacted one homeless man’s life.

This video is about Emma and her first experience of getting out of a toxic relationship and standing up for what is right.

Ms. Yvonne, a beloved Allegheny College family member, and the check-in lady at Brooks Dining Hall, tells us how her grandmother inspired and influenced who she is today.

Listen to Dom tell his story of a terrible day that ends up changing his whole perspective on life.