Students in Professor Sinha Roy's Communication Arts Media Consumption seminar were challenged to tell a personal story through the lens of their experience with a cultural object. They learned about human interactions with media, and how meaning is found in those interactions. As storytellers, they were challenged to approach these connections from the other side: creating the story to uncover the meaning. 

Will looks back nostalgically at childhood and how his skateboard is a metaphor for some of life's most important lessons -- of the importance of love and the strength it gives.

Hayley Diemer

A story about muscle memory and knitting connections across generations through love.

This is the story of the of how growing up can take you back to your childhood passions.

Amanda Fox

Blue jacket, blue pills, blue sorority pride -- a story about overcoming stigma

A backpack bildungsroman

Tyler McLaughlin

A flag is not an empty symbol

This story explores how absence can be made into a presence through objects left behind.

"A tale of two high-school kids who linked their lives through ink.

Take a seat, relax and have a bowl of noodles. We aren't so different after all, if we all love the same thing. Food is life, food is love. 

According to Nicholas Carr, "the web is a technology of forgetfulness" for while our human memories are alive, computer memory is not. Therefore, when we always rely on outsourcing our memories to our digital devices "we risk emptying our minds of their riches".  This digital story is intended to share a moment of memory freed from technological retrieval and instead brought to life by the surprisingly banal objects that we stumble across in our daily lives.

Christina Yodis

Of cultural roots and a yearning to return to one's origins

Xiaoyu Zhu

How family feeds us, our imaginations, and helps us develop our taste for life

A story about an important lesson taught by a dad to his daughter that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.