Students in Professor Sinha Roy's Communication Arts Media Studies class, mostly first- and second-years, were challenged to interview someone in the campus community they did not already know. They learned to foster a deep connection with a stranger to uncover a personal story, and then to use their communication skills to amplify the person's voice as a storyteller.

Emily Hayhurst

Hi, I'm Emily! I love to create, laugh, and look at pictures of dogs on the internet.

Liz Miller

Liz Miller is a single mom who loves her daughter, sports, and trying anything that gets her adrenaline going.

Stephanie Swarthout

I am Stephanie Swarthout and I have blue glasses. I am a cellist and I am fluent in American Sign Language and Sarcasm.

Sarah Young

Hi, I'm Sarah. A world traveling, ballet dancing, sweet tea loving girl, who only wants to change the world.

Sarah was a Teaching Assistant for this COMRT 376 Shared Lives project!

Nick Kempa

My name is Nick Kempa and I am a freshman baseball player at Allegheny. I am majoring in Economics while minoring in Communication Arts.

Ben Ptak

Hello! My name is Ben Ptak and I am an aspiring bilingual, who loves Disney and musical theatre! I want to travel to as many places as feasibly (and financially!) possible, and hopefully learn as much as I can along the way!

Vanessa Thomas

Vanessa is a Psychology and Communications double major and loves cute pens, chickens, and making music!

Barak Levin

Barak Levin is a 26 year old student at Allegheny College. When he isn't reflecting on existential crises, he tries balancing classes and homework like any other 18-21 year old undergraduate.

Juliana Sebolt

Why would you find a Physics major in a Communication Arts class? It's because she has a love for film and quantum mechanics.

Carolann Verrioli

Carolann is a Sophomore at Allegheny studying Psychology and Studio Art. She spends a significant amount of her time eating peanut butter out of the jar and watching Friends.

Prof Sinha Roy with her two other Teaching Assistants Shu Yi Tang & Margaret West